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Ally L.

Ally is an awarded and published internationally experienced Visual Artist, with over 20 years experience in Design, Photography and Arts, running her own studio out of Perth.

Previous Experience

Channel 7 & 9 - The West Australian newspapers - The Australian Defence Force - Sony - Dreamworks - MGM - Panasonic - Empire - Universal Studios
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Dan P.

Dan is an extremely skilled, hands on labourer. He grew up on a farm, so he isn't afraid of hard work and get's the task done right, the first time.

Previous Experience

3 Years experience in Solar and Roof Installations - 3 Years experience with Electrical work - 5 Years experience in Construction and Building - Small Business Owner of Handyman/Insulation Services
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Jean A.

Jean is an experienced handyman with extensive experience in home maintenance and assembly services including sheds and decking maintenance.

Previous Experience

Decking Maintenance - Shed Assembly - Furniture Assembly - Home Maintenance - 10 Years worth of Ikea Assembly Experience
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